This site is dedicated to achieving one thing: an apology from ex-MP Joan Ryan.

It is run by people from all parties – and none – who are either angry, embarrassed or ashamed of the way someone who was an elected representative for Enfield has behaved. We may have different political views but we all have one thing in common – people in Enfield are owed an apology from Joan Ryan.

Between 1997 and 2010, Joan Ryan pocketed thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money through MP expense claims.

Despite living just 14 miles from Westminster, she claimed for a second home and furnishings for it. Joan Ryan then designated her Enfield house as her “second home”, known as “flipping”, which allowed her to claim expenses for furnishing that property too.

One of the worst MPs in the expenses scandal, in the pursuit of her duties as a Member of Parliament, she claimed for light bulbs, steak knives, curtains, gardening, pot pourri, scissors, desk lamp… not to mention hundreds of pounds in petty cash… the list goes on and on. While her constituents were all paying council tax, they were paying hers too.

Joan Ryan was one of the MPs who voted in Parliament to try and keep MPs’ expenses secret.

It later emerged that a number of MPs had edited their Wikpedia pages to remove references to the MPs’ expenses scandal. The Independent reported, “One of the most persistent and successful attempts to edit information was made by Joan Ryan”.

Joan Ryan was made to repay £5,000 in mortgage interest. But she has never apologised for the cynical and disgraceful manner in which she rinsed the taxpayer and helped bring British politics to an all-time low.

And now she’s asking for your vote again after being selected as the Labour Party’s candidate for Enfield North despite her record on expenses.

Do you think Joan Ryan should apologise? We do, too.


5 Responses to Home

  1. wilson says:

    I have always voted Labour or not at all . when Joan Ryan stands I will vote for another party in the hope that she is not selected. She has tried to claim a victory on Chase Farm Hospital – How That ??

  2. Yan Tsou says:

    Even after the expenses scandal came to light, we got a ‘Joan Ryan calendar’ posted through our door.showing pics of all her ‘good work’ it went straight in the recycling. what a waste of public money!

  3. G.Udall says:

    lying scumbag who only lived 200yards from a mainline train station yet claimed her enfield home as a second living allowance, wouldnt trust her as an enfield mp as far as i could throw her!!

  4. Derek White says:

    Don’t Vote for a thief!!, EX MP Joan Ryan will cost the labour party thousands of votes, take a look at what’s happened with Maria miller, another thief!!, now costing the conservatives thousands of votes, and the number is growing, do you want this to happen in Enfield North, already posters are appearing in Enfield condemning this women.
    It’s time to rethink and de-select this women, she is not worthy to serve as our MP

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